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My cherished woman,
Without a face,
Dwells in my books,
And diaries,
Without a stance;
In my coffee cup,
She swims
And passes in my mirror,
Without a trace;
She wanders
About In my veins,
sings in my heart,
Recreates in my brain,
Without a trance,
When she leaves;
I follow vibrations
Of her presence,
Fading in the street's noise,
And fashionable curiosity,
Love of the city,
In every place,
Carrying a shy red rose,
My heart,
Which she knows,
She often plants passion
In every space,
That she irrigates,
With warm stream,
In patience,
As it grows,
And only sighs,
As she goes
With innocent pace.


Jesus moved on this vast Earth
Giving joy and colossal mirth
The World rejoiced in His birth
Living was considered worth

Jesus graced all of us
Using His Divinely status
When World was in a mess
Jesus was born to bless

Pure love was by Jesus shown
Everywhere He became known
His touches pacified even stone
His greatness had widely grown

He preached sacred morality
Attaining absolute immortality
He is now worshiped in totality
He represented the Divinity

By God, Jesus was taken back
He only taught all praying-knack
Cruel rulers could not at all sack
Those who walked on His tracks.




Familiar love is a love that knows how to put a smile on your face

The kind of love the knows what kinda food to put food on your plate

Familiar love touches your body until your body aches

Love that knows Love and can stand the test of time

Fermenting like a bottle of wine


Familiar love, Familiar love, Familiar love


But when that love is lost then found with new ties and bonds

That familiar love will break the binds and restart old times

So if you find that familiar love that makes you glow

Hold on for the ride and go, go, go!!!!


Familiar love, Familiar love, Familiar love


Have you ever lost the your first love and wondered what if? Then, you are face to face now it is "what now"!

Here's a poem about "Familiar Love":

Familiar love is a love that knows how to put a smile on your face

The kind of love the knows what kinda food to put food on your plate

Familiar love touches your body until your body aches

Love that knows Love and can stand the test of time

Fermenting like a bottle of wine


Familiar love, Familiar love, Familiar love


But when that love is lost then found with new ties and bonds

That familiar love will break the binds and restart old times

So if you find that familiar love that makes you glow

Hold on for the ride and go, go, go!!!!


Familiar love, Familiar love, Familiar love




Laughing reprehensibly on a witless joke,

Heavy breathing was about to give us a choke.

Tears in eyes reflected our joy,

If my childhood met them,

 Would have never asked for any toy.

I stopped for a moment,

And stared at my laughing Buddha’s,

Cheering my happiness, thrusting sorrows to pass.

My hostel family comprises of these three,

Sharing every major-minor reason of glee.


Head of our family,

Paterfamilias is what we call,

Spine of my body, wisdom’s landlady,

 Foresight’s eye, brilliantly above us all.


Divine is the word which defines her out,

Heart of my anatomy,

Ethical and ethnic is all she about.

Whispering on cell with suitable frequency band,

Love, care and naughtiness in her walk hand in hand.


Swag is not enough to expound her,

My living corpse’s brain,

Being pragmatic is what she prefer.

Throws sadness, tears and tension out like weed,

Coolness, anger, love is all she bleed.


HE forgot to give me package of enamored, idolatrous  sister,

Rooamates they are mine,

Things will get lonely without them and shattered.

Love is all about singing loud to tease you all,

107 is nothing more than a messy, noisy, cuddly music hall.




Pain was screening all over heart,

Eyes full of tears,

Unable to visualise her path.

Hargun was her best friend’s name

Who died in car accident

Leaving behind everything, no more the same,

Inflames of agony rushed in her brain,

Feeling helpless, it was just god’s game.

Her tears left me unavowed with nothing to add

Who will they love, pamper and scold,

She was her parent’s only lad

Months passed and everything proceeded

Nothing was able to replace her,

Gunu was all she needed.

I never met her alluring, winsome best friend,

But founded her in every new trend.

Name written on every page with smeared scars,

Novels had her picture as gory bookmarks.

In every laughter, sorrow she missed her,

Virtuoso to hide under cover,

Repeatedly i caught her eyes blur.

Cradling her in portraits and poems,

Day dreaming in a hope she comes.

She lost her faith in god,

I explained its all nature,

 Surely will melt someday, as it thawed.

No one is culprit, no one is victim,

Everything is destined, pre-written.

She passed away but you die every day,

Your pain and tear won’t give her soul a way.

Keep her alive in every second you breathe,

Don’t worry darling,

I am here with you to sheath.

She smiled, promised not to cry,

But her smile speaks-every day without Gunu she dies.


                                                                                                                       MUSIC ON,WORLD OFF
Bushed from the university life,
Kalpana was my upcoming site.
418 was having an intense silence,
Happiness was asking me its license.
To load off my mind,
I laid down to straighten up my spine.
To bush the world off,
earphones were the medium,
I turned music on.
Castles starting building in air,
I stepped out to walk in corridor.
Music soothed my heart and soul,
wished to eat yummy yummy spring roll.
I sung songs to the utmost pitch,
Felt full of life and very rich.
Many witches came to stop me,
expressions were reflecting,
Their frustration and my glee.
Continued to sing and listen music,
Witches bothered a lot bothered stop my acoustic.
Turning back to room I saw my bed,
Proceeded to listen music and slept.
After 2 hours of my sleep,
Nothing was left to worry upon and weep.
Music touched me a lot and I smiled,
I was free to choose genre or style.
Wanted to be away from people who show off,
Music on ,turned world off

We know we both have ruled our time

We were 10, it was our prime

The stories of heroes were in the air

But leaving you when you need me wasn't fair


When Sun in shining we played our games

Sometimes we would get angry and call each other names

There were time we played tag in the pavillion

We didnt care about any sadness everything was brilliant


You used to wonder about many things

We thought we would fly , we would get wings

We did not think that things would chang

But change is the only thing that is gonna stay the same


When sky was for us we had many things to try

Nobody could have thought we have to say goodbye

I couldn't stay , when you needed care

We went separate ways, yet so much left to share



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You may think you're alone and your  pain is your own

secret that no one can see

but your eyes danced with mine for one moment in time

and your sorrow sang clearly to me

I can see you have wondered for the answers that hide form seekers of truth and design

there are caverns of visions and shadows of light

if you search your own soul you will find    


Use patience to the maximum extent
It must be exercised with determination
At no time we must lose our control
Let our mind stand like a solid rock
We must carefully monitor our mind
And it must not get foolish agitation
So long as we are kind and right
We will never lose at any time in life
Better to ponder before a decision
Weigh the pros and cons wisely
Abrupt decision always brings loss
Calm deliberation brings success
In case a loss is presumed to happen
Losing morale and becoming panicky
Is a foolish step toward definite gloom
Such an urgent action is surely wrong
Never fall a prey for hasty conclusion
Exercise God-given reasoning prowess
Positive outlook combined with wisdom
Will invariably lead to a glorious state.

mv venkataraman


All things in this world

Be it small

Or large, furry or fussy

Were loved deeply by GOD

He them loved from birth

Through happiness and sorrow

and he grieved when their life

came to an end


But once god fell in love

He fell in love with a young girl

But the girl was soon to die

This was her fate

And fate were not to be broken

Yet god

who was madly in love

poisoned the girl’s hairpin

so that she would go to sleep

When death then came

He thought

Busy as he was

That he had already done his job



When the hairpin was removed

The girl woke up from her deadly slumber

god had saved her from death

But death who now realized

That he had been tricked

and fooled by god

Became furious

He decided to get revenge

He would make the girl fall in love with him

Stealing what god hold most precious


Death then took shape as human

And went to girl

They met every day for thirty days

And god could do nothing

He watched

as the girl slowly came to love death

and it pained him deeply

Even though the girl could never be his

When the thirty-fifth day came

Death revealed himself before the girl

The girl who had known

That death had been by her side all along

Were not startled or scared  

She asked death who she had come to love so deeply

If he would take her life

Death refused

He had also come to love the girl

When he turned to leave

The girl grabbed death

And embraced him

She and death were now one


GOD who had watched everything  

Kept loving each human equally

And he never had to trick death again


Sleep is a sure remedy for worry
We can feel damn comfortable
Our life, we can peacefully carry
As effects of sleep are remarkable
All our tensions, we can just bury
By sleep, problems are curable
To sleep, we need peace of mind
In deep sleep, medicine we find

To heap bliss, sleep is very kind

If sleep can be had with real ease
All our troubles will surely vanish
Sleep will surely give us all peace
Sound sleep is everyone's wish
Touch of sleep is soft like breeze
All setbacks, sleep will just finish.

Never worry after committing a lawful act
As worrying will only promote sorrows
You have before this gathered every fact
And further effects on all your tomorrows
Just have with the Lord a compact pact
So that gradually your confidence grows
Foolish thinking of possible repercussion
Gives anguish over your perfect decision
Wish that God will help in your mission
Silently pray and ever do your noble duty
Never create confusion or possible fear
The Almighty will then protect your dignity
As His devotte is to HIm always very dear
Pursue your life with absolute certainty
As God is near, will hear, and erase tear.



My Dear Friend...

Why will life not let me be...
When all i did was try and see...
How i could be of help to thee...
How i could try and set you from your demons free...
They take Gods name but in vain...
All they do is hide the truth and cause pain...
They are so holy its a shame...
is it so simple to live and play people's emotions like a game...
I was living life in prayer , hope and light..
Why then did you come and pretend...that you cared for me...i was delight...
I cared for all ..i bared my soul...
And now all the the hurt.. its taking its toll...
I give all of me in all situations...heart and being..
But then what and why this face of humanity am i now seeing...
Where is the shine of compassion...and love...
Why has the divine got me wounded like a shot down dove...
In friendship there is no judgement then why the deciet...
In true soulful bonds there is no fear then why lie with every heart beat...
But even now i know this is true..
For all those who caused me suffering i would still be there if needed for you...
My karma is such...
I know that fact ...even though i don't know too much...
Forgiveness for me i plead for if i caused anyone any scathe & distress...
I only wanted to give all who need ..all i had...never intended for anything less..
I shed a tear...i pray divinity Calms all their fears..
My Soul knows in all the ongoing betrayals...i still hold my Wrong Doers Dear...


What is life if not a gateway to death?

The worst of times or the best of times some say

And living life lost with every breath

Perpetual pain 'till the end of days

Wanting to go, with no courage to end

Dying to live, only living to die

Reincarnation the soul to be sent

Pushing through life 'till you sigh life's last sigh

Yet the end of Life's load can bring relief

No longer a slave to the whims of fate

An end to Life's tragic and constant grief

Free the bonds of what destiny would say

Do not mourn the lost, be sad, or have strife

For what is death but a path to new life?


A queer thing indeed

Seems so insignificant

Yet it has wrought many wonders

Underestimated but lurking

In the shadows, under many

Covers and gaurded walls.

The insecure wants it.

The arrogant discards this.

But this four-lettered word

Is what keeps many going in

The worst of times, against impossible odds

When despair threatens

Many turn towards it,

Grasp and beg.

Oftentimes hope is there when unneeded

And sometimes when it is.

Without this warmth, just a flicker

Mankind would've gotten lost a long time ago,

Wandered in thier own misery.

But hope guided, kindled, And

Led them through and out

Of the darkness


One of those things

That seems to escape my grasp.

A flicker of warmth

During dark times.

A thing that seems to make the diference

Between coward and martyr.

The trick is to span that fine line.

Something that makes people realize,

Understand that it isn't,

Isn't all about bravery and swords or battles.

Makes you confront your mistakes,

Good or bad that may be.

Look again, it might be there

Right now





People will cheat and try to take advantage
They will discourage and cause also damage
They will exploit your weakness and thrive
Using your sweats they will soundly survive

They will try to belittle you and your attitude
They will teach you how to be in life shrewd
By squeezing your body, they will step up
And plan to make out of your blood syrup

They will laugh at you and your wishes
Saying your ideas are full of blemishes
By stopping your reasonable aims they
Will do everything to stop you in your way

If you are flexible, they will handle you badly
If you work hard, they will torture you gladly
By using you they will achieve many desires
They will mind not in being the worst liars

They will concoct stories to instill fear in mind
Toward your peace and joy, they will be blind
Please act accordingly by understanding them
Due to their bad intentions, problems stem

Cautiously lead your life without being a prey
Using prayer and true devotion, boldly stay
Your peace is in your grip, forget not please
You can convert gust into breeze with ease.